Why Wicked Article Creator is the Best Article Builder Software?

Wicked Article Creator is the best article builder software that is currently used by leading content marketers, seo experts, digital marketing professionals. This article creator tool helps to create fascinating, genuine articles that are ready for both in terms of manual article submissions or submitting through popular seo softwares like GSA, Senuke, Magic Submitter!

Currently WAC is available in two pricing models – Basic and Premium edition.

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How Poorly Spun Articles can be a Threat for your site?

Before we elaborate why you should use wicked article creator, let’s understand the implications of using poorly spun articles.

Spun articles are generated by rephrasing existing articles or swapping few words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs with several alternate versions. Huge range of article writing softwares seems to saturate the internet. Article spinning has a direct impact on SEO because it is supposed to be a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that does not suffice the quality of content as it comes out to be lower than hand written content.

Although the process of buying spun articles is comparatively a cheaper way out for article marketing, but it might not be human readable. Such content is only applicable for mass posting on non-editorial sites, chiefly for SEO.

Reasons why you should turn blind eye to buy Spun Articles are discussed as under:

  1. Article spinning software creates poor quality content that is not worth reading.
  2. Popular search engines like Google or Yahoo accepts new and up to date fresh content.
  3. Websites/blogs that tend to post unique content on time takes up the higher ranking Internet searches.
  4. The concept of the article is not modified, only the style of presenting the same ideas differ that is of no use as it does not come up with the latest information.
  5. Such an unethical means may threaten your prestige and reliability.
  6. It cuts down on your brilliant innovations and marks an end to creative ideas.

How Wicked Article Creator’s Genuine Contents Helps You Avoid Spun Articles

In an attempt to save your website from getting saturated by the repetitive editions, you can use wicked article generator that takes up the responsibility of giving immediate and relevant content for your back links within fraction of seconds. WAC is one among the most unique content creation software that lets you avail the experience of best content creation with minimal efforts. You are just one click away from the most appropriate article writing software by virtue of which you can easily make necessary alterations to the article size, spinning mode or even the content source from which it has actually been derived.

The basis of Wicked Article Creator’s awesomeness can be explained in reference to two prime sources from where the content is drawn:
1. WAC database ( provide over 5 million articles from 500+ niches) and
2. Article Directories (WAC can scrape content from over 25+ article directories).

Secondly, you can have access to 5000-6000+ articles for high volume keywords. Later on, following scraping WAC sets ready to make proper use of best handy database so as to spin the content many times using our personal spinning mechanism that owns over 20 Million synonyms to spin anything or everything.

The wicked article generator produces an output framed in the form of more conceptual and legible article extracted out from scraped articles using either Tier 1 mode (reads superior and is made to reach premium members only) and Tier 2.

You can also appreciate the idea of exporting the genuine content to PDF file or as an API to import in other softwares that is proposed by this excellent content building software.

Wicked Article Creator Basic Software Review

Writing an article is not always a piece of cake. It requires a lot of time and hard work. Sometimes, we wish, there should be some kind of technique that makes the content writing easy. What if you get a device that makes your work easy? Yes, there is a tool that makes article writing much easier. Wicked article creator is an unique content creation software that has been developed to make content writing easier for your link building projects. What you need to do is, just feed the software with the original content to get a new transformed article without any plagiarism. Wicked article creator ignores all the replications and provides with the whole new content in multiple number of articles in just few seconds.

Wondering how Wicked Article Creator works?

Working is very simple and effective. WAC Database and article directories are the two sources from which wicked article creator downloads the subject matter and spins it. WAC database could provide over 500 million articles to its basic users and article directories picks and sweeps content from more than 25 article directories. By using these two sources, WAC is able to provide accurate contents without any plagiarism. Basic version of Wicked Article Creator is beneficial for those users who are not much concerned with the readability and clarity of the matter. With the help of wicked article creator you can get full information along with the key points in a defined list. You can also export the content to PDF file or export as an API to import in other softwares.

Get High return on Low Cost

The best article creator software comes at an affordable price. By a simple one time investment of $35 you can have your wicked article creator which you can use it as many times as you want. You just have to pay one-time charge and you will not be charged again for anything. Along with this you also get free lifetime updates and easy return policy!

Features of Wicked Article Creator Basic Version

  1. Freely available API – Build multiple contents in WAC and then import these multiple articles in any link building tool through API in just one-single click.
  2. Makes use of Keywords – WAC uses keywords to download contents then; it generates hundreds of relevant articles and makes sure that you don’t get crappy content.
  3. Immense tweaks – If you want you can twist your content in endless ways by changing the number of lines, variations per line or paragraph. In this, the spinning is done on three levels i.e. paragraph level, line level and then word level.
  4. Attach links and tags – You get the option of adding link to your articles which you can later replace the links with videos, images or custom a href link tag.
  5. Image and video scrapper – WAC allows you to scrape the unwanted images and videos, thereby lets you create your own format while spinning the article.
  6. Easy import and export – With the basic version of WAC you can save all your articles in a single XML file by just one right click which you can later use for other tasks and assignments.
  7. Automatic filters – WAC facilitates you to removes junk content, unwanted site links such as illegitimate characters, encoded texts, website links and other things which hinders your article writing.
  8. WAC database – WAC provides over 5 million articles to its basic members hence, it is fast and you don’t have to spend limitless hours behind your content creation.
  9. In-house content spinner – WAC offers default content spinner which translates article without the assistance of third party to create synonyms or substitutes of different words.
  10. High-profile article directories – Basic version of wicked article creator provides more than 25 manual approved article directories which picks up the content and spins it with very high uniqueness at very fast speed.

Users’ Reviews about Wicked Article Creator

Read the WAC reviews, and know more about the ultimate article spinner, the existence users can act as the best guidance. The users, who have used the wicked article creator, completely rely on the software and believe that this is the best automatic article creator and spinner. According to them, the content is human readable and unique. Customers trust the efficacy of the software and find it valuable!

testimonials about wicked article creator

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What is the Best Article Spinning Software for SEO?

Article Spinning Software always had special significance in the world of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Since link building campaigns always require fresh & unique content it is not possible to write new articles every now and then. As a result content writers tend to delay or reduce their efficiency while attempting to meet their deadlines. However, after Wicked Article Creator was released this problem has been solved (permanently).

If you do a search in Google on this topic you might find several softwares that claim to be the best for spinning articles. There is no doubt that other article spinning tools and softwares will do your job but the level of satisfaction is all that matters. By using Wicked Article Creator, you can be rest assured that the final output will be an awesome product as compared to the rest of the competition.


Having this advantageous edge over other Link Builders is crucial to get better and cleaner spun content leading to faster approvals + increase SEO exposure.

Many would think about this fact that with the latest algorithm updates it has been a lot tougher to make search engines understand what the content is all about. Honestly if Wicked Article Creator cannot spin it properly then no other article spinning software can do it.

Unliked other content spinning tools, Wicked Article Creator offers Two License at just One-Time fee which means you will not be charged periodically for article spinning:

So what are you waiting for? Buy Wicked Article Creator Basic License Now for one-time fee of $35. The price will return to $210 per year if you skip this.

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How to Use Wicked Article Creator Software for SEO Content

Content generation is the ability of taking multiple articles and building unique content from them. Usually people copy an article and then spin them on word by word level and think this will suffice. With Google’s recent algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin you will need much stronger backlink profiles that have good quality content.

What Wicked Article Creator does is completely set this laborious task on automation. It brings you added level of advantages. You just have to enter your keyword and then click a button and Wicked Article Creator will automatically download resourceful content and spin them on paragraph level or line level.

Now you might be wondering that when other content spinners are working at work level why is Wicked Article Creator spinning at paragraph or line level? The answer is simple, it is done to provide the user with a higher level of uniqueness and high readability whichever is required by them.

wicked article creator is safe to use

WAC software offers more than just genuinely spun content. The ultimate spinner built inside it takes care of all the spinning at 3 different levels such as –

  1. Word Level
  2. Line Level
  3. Paragraph Level

The chances and possibilities for getting quick and easy unique content is endless. Each of these spun articles are capable of producing a billion unique articles for your Content Generation and SEO submissions.

If you use Senuke X, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon or any other link building tool then you are already in need of content. Upgrade yourself to Wicked Article Creator’s genuinely spun content. Without WAC there is no other content builder + spinner that is powerful enough to generate unique content for each backlink.

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Buy Wicked Article Creator Premium for just one-time fee of $75. If you miss this opportunity then the price will go back to $397 per year.

Why will You Buy Wicked Article Creator Software?

Be it for any Startup or any existing Business, Content Marketing has always emerged to rule over the existing online marketing strategy. The scope and growth of traditional marketing methods decreases as the content creation segment widens. Good quality content or nicely framed articles not only help you to add high quality data to your website/blog but also helps you to become an online Brand. In addition to that, good content or say, high quality articles help you to build unique backlinks quickly and eventually, get you better rankings in Search Engine Result Page(s).

Wicked Article Creator Software makes “Content is the King” come True!

Good articles need to be framed in a proper way with the best information added to justify the title and that, obviously becomes tedious to do once work-load increases. You would want to buy Wicked Article Creator as it is one complete automation software that takes the task of article writing seriously! It not only saves you from paying big amounts to article writers but also relieves you of getting out of tedious tasks of content creation.
Wicked Article Creator Product Sales Picture
Wicked Article Creator(WAC) is one cool article spinning and scrapper tool that allows one to scrape articles and build high quality articles from them by spinning them on sentence level, paragraph level and even phrase level. The articles produced can not only be used to build backlinks but can be used for content promotion as well.

Amazing Features of Wicked Article Creator You Didn’t Know About

Some of the most amazing features of wicked article creator software are as follows:

#1. WAC scrapes articles from 30+ high authority article directories and over 65k+ articles can be downloaded by using advanced scrapper. Its really fast and can build multiple niche-relevant articles in seconds. No other software gives its user that amount of control on relevancy. Also, wicked article creator comes loaded with a huge synonym database.

#2. WAC can be used to produce articles on any title and even, videos, titles, images, author-bio, about us section. Readability or uniqueness levels can also be set.

#3. WAC can be linked with most of the link building tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker, Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon, Bookmarking Demon, Senuke etc. For the GSA search engine ranker, all the project data can be produced and then exported to GSA in one-click.

#4. If you want to add quality images in the articles then Wicked Article Creator software can help you build better backlinks. Media Backlinks are always better than contextual backlinks.

#5. With one click, WAC can auto-build multiple articles with %LINK% tag embedded in article so that the links can be added automatically. This gives it an edge over GSA + Senuke where the links have to be added manually.

#6. WAC can be used to not only build high quality spun articles but can be also used to build quality backlinks that won’t get penalized with Google Panda and Penguin Updates and thus, will help you stay or grow in your SERPs in the long run.

#7. WAC brings with it a lifetime support with only one time investment and no hidden charges. This tool is timely updated and thus, with the regular updates it continues to serve its user with all its power.

Wicked Article Creator is one article builder tool that every business person, internet marketer or any blogger needs to own. Its one sure shot to making your tasks easier with all its power and help you to grow your sales and business online.

The power is just a click away!

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