Why Wicked Article Creator is the Best Article Builder Software?

Wicked Article Creator is the best article builder software that is currently used by leading content marketers, seo experts, digital marketing professionals. This article creator tool helps to create fascinating, genuine articles that are ready for both in terms of manual article submissions or submitting through popular seo softwares like GSA, Senuke, Magic Submitter!

Currently WAC is available in two pricing models – Basic and Premium edition.

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How Poorly Spun Articles can be a Threat for your site?

Before we elaborate why you should use wicked article creator, let’s understand the implications of using poorly spun articles.

Spun articles are generated by rephrasing existing articles or swapping few words, sentences, or even entire paragraphs with several alternate versions. Huge range of article writing softwares seems to saturate the internet. Article spinning has a direct impact on SEO because it is supposed to be a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that does not suffice the quality of content as it comes out to be lower than hand written content.

Although the process of buying spun articles is comparatively a cheaper way out for article marketing, but it might not be human readable. Such content is only applicable for mass posting on non-editorial sites, chiefly for SEO.

Reasons why you should turn blind eye to buy Spun Articles are discussed as under:

  1. Article spinning software creates poor quality content that is not worth reading.
  2. Popular search engines like Google or Yahoo accepts new and up to date fresh content.
  3. Websites/blogs that tend to post unique content on time takes up the higher ranking Internet searches.
  4. The concept of the article is not modified, only the style of presenting the same ideas differ that is of no use as it does not come up with the latest information.
  5. Such an unethical means may threaten your prestige and reliability.
  6. It cuts down on your brilliant innovations and marks an end to creative ideas.

How Wicked Article Creator’s Genuine Contents Helps You Avoid Spun Articles

In an attempt to save your website from getting saturated by the repetitive editions, you can use wicked article generator that takes up the responsibility of giving immediate and relevant content for your back links within fraction of seconds. WAC is one among the most unique content creation software that lets you avail the experience of best content creation with minimal efforts. You are just one click away from the most appropriate article writing software by virtue of which you can easily make necessary alterations to the article size, spinning mode or even the content source from which it has actually been derived.

The basis of Wicked Article Creator’s awesomeness can be explained in reference to two prime sources from where the content is drawn:
1. WAC database ( provide over 5 million articles from 500+ niches) and
2. Article Directories (WAC can scrape content from over 25+ article directories).

Secondly, you can have access to 5000-6000+ articles for high volume keywords. Later on, following scraping WAC sets ready to make proper use of best handy database so as to spin the content many times using our personal spinning mechanism that owns over 20 Million synonyms to spin anything or everything.

The wicked article generator produces an output framed in the form of more conceptual and legible article extracted out from scraped articles using either Tier 1 mode (reads superior and is made to reach premium members only) and Tier 2.

You can also appreciate the idea of exporting the genuine content to PDF file or as an API to import in other softwares that is proposed by this excellent content building software.